Pad Sticker (2x kit) -3m double foam pad

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The 3M vehicle fixing tape fixes the moldings, the garnishes and the emblems on the vehicle body without any damage. Why drill or paste when you can use simple and clean fixing tape for 3M Super Strong motor vehicles? It is so easy. Just cut at the waist and press in place. There is no disorder and no holes. The 3m Super Strong automotive binding band provides a solid and secure connection to the vehicle.

In fact, we often recommend using 3M ribbon to set decorative license plates on vehicles that are not pre-perforated for the label at the front. The 3M very resistant vehicle adhesive tape is well in place regardless of the weather conditions and the road conditions your vehicle meets.

Before using the 3M Super Strong 3M car fixing tape, make sure the two surfaces are clean. Any oil or wax will reduce the collage capacity of the ribbon. Clean both surfaces with isopropylic alcohol.

Then cut the ribbon to adapt it to the desired area and press it to set it up. Now attach the molding or emblem to the vehicle. Use very strong 3m car fixing tape to fix the metal or plastic emblems to paint, rubber moldings to paint, rubber on plastic; The 3M strip provides very strong support on practically an automotive area.