Extensible stem for egoportrait with Bluetooth remote control

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Improved your ego-portraits with this set including a Bluetooth remote control for photos taking.


*Non-slip handle
* Fixed on camera tripod
* Eliminates the bizarre photos taken at the end of your arms
* Allows you to take photos without asking a stranger
* Light, portable and easy to transport
* Perfect for a compact camera, a smartphone or a GoPro 1/2/3 camera
* 21cm long (closed)
* Stretch up to 95cm
* Perfect for: on a trip, video of your daily life, blog video, walking or campsite, marriage, party, at the beach, at the concert, landscape photo, sporting events.

The whole understands:
* 1 x Extensible stem
* 1 x Camera Adapter

* 1 x Cellular support

* 1 x Bluetooth remote control 

Available in black only.

Note:Does not include a camera/cellular as illustrated